Serbia, country in the west-central Balkans. For most of the 20th century, it was a part of Yugoslavia. By the early 21st century, Serbia was putting behind the tragedy of its recent past to rebuild as a  singular, independent country on a new  Balkan Peninsula.
Hills and high mountains characterize the central body of Serbia. Its western margins include sections of the Dinaric Alps, and its eastern borderlands are part of the Carpathian and Rhodope mountain systems.



Several of the Serbian medieval monasteries such as Studenica, Our Lady of Ljeviš, Dečani, Gračanica, Sopoćani, the Patriarchy in Peć and the Old Fortress of Ras, feature on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Serbia was also the origin of Miroslav’s Gospel, which is one of the oldest surviving manuscript in the world. It is recognized by the UNESCO as a World Documentary Heritage.
Several international polls have rated Serbia as the most hospitable nation in the world. Their impeccable hospitality standards can be traced back to the ancient Slavic belief that the gods will not favour the host if someone wasn’t hospitable to a guest. So you don’t have to think twice while choosing a Serbia Holiday package. Regardless of the Serbia package you choose, you can be assured of a warm welcome everywhere.

            NATIONAL DRINK

With food and culture being the most commonly mentioned facts when tourists discuss what is Serbia known for, it is only natural to mention their national drink in the same sentence. Their National Drink is Šljivovica (Plum Brandy).

gorgeous nature

Djerdap National Park offers something for almost every type of wanderer into its scenic fold. There are curious cultural treasures you can discover throughout. The park flanks the River Danube and stretches out from the glimmering Golubac Fortress to the dam in Novi Sip. Be sure to stop at Lepenski Vir – a prehistoric archaeological site – and Kapetan Mišin Breg, which overlooks the Đerdap gorge. The untouched terrain of the park and its local historical heritage create an ideal spot for climbers and hikers.


Belgrade, Serbia’s capital and largest city, wasn’t always the pretty city it is today. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade has a destructive past: It was fought over in 115 wars and burned 44 times. Today, the city is more peaceful, hosting numerous events ranging from book fairs to music, film and beer festivals.


1. Walk through the Belgrade city
2. Visit the Devil's Town
3. Visit the Studenica Monastery
4. Explore the railway museum the Šargan Eight
5. Take a trip to the Sokobanja town

6. Visit the Tara National Park
7. Take a trip to Uvac Special Nature Reserve
8. Visit an enchanting ethno village in Drvengrad
9. Explore the old Gamzigrad-Romuliana city
10. Take a trip to the Tara National Park

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