Croatia, country located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a small yet highly geographically diverse crescent-shaped country. Its capital is Zagreb, located in the north.



Croatia has 1246 islands, isles and imlets for you to sail through. They are all spectacular. From remote fishing outposts to harbours dotted with massive yachts, Croatian islands display nearly every style you can imagine and some you haven't yet imagined. With all those islands in Croatia, it may surprise you to know that only 66 islands are inhabited. Croatia enjoys 2715 hours of sunshine a year what’s more than Sydney or Australia.
Croatia is one of the most famous and known European countries for your summer vacation. Most of the visitors fell in love with its coast and sea, are thrilled about the food and inspired by its cultural and natural heritage. Croatia has a number of national parks and reserves that are popular with hikers and other nature enthusiasts. Plitvička Lakes National Park features an extensive waterfall system. The stunning natural beauty of many of Croatia’s islands is preserved in the national parks of Brijuni, Kornati, and Mljet. The North Velebit, Paklenica, and Risnjak national parks encompass mountainous terrain, while the Krka National Park is centred on the river of the same name.

impressive amphitheatre

Croatia is home to a rich history that spans millennia and includes a long stint by the Romans. Thanks to this, it is home to Pula, an amphitheatre in Istria that was once home to the infamously gory gladiator battles. Istria is not only one of Europe’s most incredible Roman relics, it’s also one of only three conserved in the entire world and is the 6th biggest in existence.

PLITVICE LAKES national park

The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species.


Some 2,500 years ago Greek settlers introduced vineyards to the Croatian coast, and they’ve been perfecting the art of winemaking ever since. Today it remains an integral part of Croatian culture and a staple in the nation’s food scene. The most popular varieties include Babić Babić a red wine from Dalmatia and Malvazija, dry white wine from Istria.


1. Visit the Plitvice lake National Park
2. Sail on a yacht through beautiful islands 
3. Take a trip to the Hvar Island
4. Visit the Amphiteater in Pula City
5. Find the World's smallest town Hum

6. Visit the pearl of the Adriatics - Dubrovnik city
7. Experience the most beautiful sunset 
8. Take a trip to the Krka National Park
9. Listen to the Sea Organs in Zadar
10. Find where the Game of Thrones was filmed

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