The Imperial Travel Show connects the leading global travel advisors and private concierges 
with the finest hotels, resorts, private villas, DMCs, river cruises and experience & service providers 
from Central & Eastern Europe.


‘Off the beaten path’ does not only have to refer to adventurous travels in Africa, Asia or Latin America…

Did you know that Romania is one of the oldest countries in Central & Eastern Europe? That Estonia has the cleanest air in the world? That Postojna cave in Slovenia is Europe’s most visited cave? That Pink, Sean Penn and Charles Bronson are Lithuanians? One of the oldest astronomical clocks is in Prague? That the Sphinx in Split was brought from Egypt and is over 4,000 years old? That 17 Roman emperors were born in Serbia? Maribor in Slovenia is home to the oldest wine in the world?

Find out why Poland is the ultimate paradise for foodies, why Hungary still has traditional cowboys, why Serbia is the world’s largest exporter of raspberries and plums, where Europe’s oldest Spa is located, which country in Europe is the most densely forested, which place has, according to Alfred Hitchcock, the best sunsets in the world and where Europe’s highest concentration of Art Nouveau buildings can be found.

The Imperial Travel Show connects the leading global travel advisors and private concierges with the finest hotels, resorts, private villas, DMCs and service providers from Central & Eastern Europe.


As industry veterans, we understand
the focus on ROI, need for efficiency
and value of your time. To guarantee
ROI and make every appointment a
success, the list of invited exhibitors
was aligned with buyers’ interest.
• Small Tour Operators
• HNW travel agencies with past
   bookings of min 20.000 EUR
• Private concierges
• Wedding Agencies
• Travel agencies with possibilities
   for small incentive groups
• Family offices representatives


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