The Imperial Travel Show connects the leading global travel advisors and private concierges with the finest hotels, resorts, private villas, DMCs, river cruises and experience & service providers from Central & Eastern Europe.
The niche size of the show - 40 meetings and 3 evening events in two days - keeps the networking effortless and the outcome most efficient.


As industry veterans, we understand the focus on ROI, need for efficiency and value of your time. To guarantee prompt results and make every appointment worthwhile, the list of invited buyers is aligned with each suppliers’ interest.

We invite profiled travel advisors from Europe, Middle East and Americas presenting a proven record of high-value bookings to this region and solid interest and potential. Our detailed knowledge of the trade allows us to invite specific travel advisors that, unlike at other international shows, offer guaranteed focus on Central & Eastern Europe to ensure swift ROI and enhance business for the season.

Buyers participating in this show come with the aim to learn more about new products to pitch to their esteemed clientele, to learn about the destination and meet direct contacts from hotels, resorts, private villas as well as DMCs, river cruises and service/experience providers.

You will meet with:

World’s renowned travel designers
Independent travel contractors  
Tour operators
Private concierges and
Representatives of family offices
Come and tell the world about your property, your activities, your services and what, why, how, and when to book with you. Let’s elevate Central and Eastern Europe and let the world know about its historical, cultural and social importance, architectural and natural beauty and the immersive, and often life-changing, experiences that can be lived throughout the region.


Central & Eastern Europe is not a homogenous region and each part of this area has a different way to surprise you. Learn why the Baltic cities of Tallin, Riga and Vilnius are renowned as some of the most picturesque and beautiful cities in the world, visit Central Europe’s legendary historical sites, diverse landscapes and renowned Spa areas, take your kids to the famous Transylvanian mountains, do a tour of medieval castles, discover the yet fairly undiscovered but amazing skiing options, taste the Bulgarian cuisine, swim in Plitvica lakes, take a wine tasting roadtrip through the southern vinyeards or enjoy a beach holiday with everything around it - yachting, catamarans, private villas or luxury resorts.

The carefully selected suppliers provide an enticing mix of renowned hotel brands, private villas, independent (but stunning) city hotels as well as ski & beach resorts and each area will be represented by knowledgeable DMCs, valuable service providers and unique experience organizers.

You will meet suppliers from these countries:



Bosnia & Herzegovina
Day 1
Inauguration event followed by cocktail dinner
Day 2
Full day of one-on-one meetings of 20 minutes
Networking dinner event
Day 3
Full day of one-on-one meetings of 20 minutes
Closing party
Day 4
Departure at leisure
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