Bulgaria, a country in the Balkans on the western side of the Black Sea. It is surrounded by Romania to the north, Serbia to the northwest, North Macedonia to the southwest, Greece to the south, and Turkey to the southeast. It is across from Georgia via the Black Sea. Being located close to the Turkish Straits means the key land routes from Europe to Middle East and Asia pass through Bulgaria. Bulgaria offers a wide diversity of landscapes, as well has numerous historical sites, each possessing its own unique beauty. Because of this all, there is a great number of tourism opportunities in the country.



In a family fridge in Bulgaria, you must have had the Bulgarian Yogurt. It is one of the most commonly eaten food in Bulgaria and studies have shown that it has the potential to increase your life span. Bulgaria is the third country in the world with people living past the age of 100 and all of these people eat the Bulgarian Yogurt. One of the common Bulgarian yoghurt that contains Bulgaricus a bacteria. Bulgarian also commonly make a cold soup with this yoghurt called Tarator. During our Food Tour with Bulkan Bites, we were given the chance to try this soup.
Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is known for its rich, vibrant culture that extends to its food, stunning scenery and warm, hospitable locals. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover or foodie, this spectacular 
nation has something for everyone. Which is why we summarised a few facts about Bulgaria to show you just how incredible it really is.

beautiful architecture 
of Sofia

Bulgaria is a land filled with history and is the third archaeological rich country following Greece and Italy. The capital city, Sofia was founded 7000B.C by the Thracian tribes and was ruled and occupied by many different superpowers, such as the Romans and the Ottomans. Today, Sofia is a modern city but the history of this place could be seen everywhere, from the ground floor of a hotel to the subway stations.

incredible wildlife

When it comes to wolves and brown bears, Bulgaria boasts one of the healthiest populations in Europe. And it’s no wonder why – the entire country is famous for its thick woods and unspoilt mountain ranges making for the perfect place to call home. Other notable Bulgarian wildlife are foxes and wild rabbits.


Many buildings, including the Parliament house are built in during the communist period. They are big, functional and meant to last forever.


1. Visit the Sofia town
2. Take a trip to the Vithosha mountain
3. Enjoy the Black Sea Beaches
4. Explore the Ancient History
5. Visit the Tsarevets Fortress

6. Taste the Bulgarian Yoghurt and live longer
7. Take a trip to the Primorsko
8. Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
9. Explore the Rila Monastery UNESCO Heritage
10. Visit the Mineral Springs

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