In 2020, 3.2 million non-resident arrivals were recorded at border crossings into Latvia.
Latvia - Arrivals of non-resident tourists at national borders 3,204,000(number)in 2020

The majority of visitors came from Lithuania (569 thousand), Estonia (371 thousand), Russia (245 thousand), Germany (91 thousand), the United Kingdom (88 thousand) and Ukraine (75 thousand).

Overnight travelers

In 2021 Latvia was visited by 477.6 thousand overnight travelers, 24.9 % less than in 2020, however, total expenditure reached the amount of 2020 and comprised EUR 145.4 million. Average expenditure of overnight travellers increased by 33.1 %, reaching EUR 304.3 (in 2020 – EUR 228.7). Compared to the year before, the total number of nights spent fell by 1.4 %, comprising 2.8 million nights. Average length of a stay during a trip rose by 31.2 %, reaching 6 nights.

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